Lack of movement over time is a major risk factor for pressure sores in patients. The “Synidor” system detects lack of movement and warns nursing staff if this occurs over too long a period. The system has two parts:

  • A mattress cover – The unique way the Syniohm sensor works allows considerable flexibility in its use. In the case of our “intelligent” mattress cover, monitoring measurements can be made without having sensors either on or under the patient. The Synidor mattress cover, a disposable item, will not be affected by the normal day-to-day cleaning regime.
  • An alarm unit – This is a battery driven remote unit with an operating voltage of 3.2volts. When insufficient movement is detected, visible and audible alarms are triggered. The audible alarm can be switched off for night time use.

The patient will generally be altogether unaware of the monitoring process.

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