Pressure sores are unfortunately a fact of life that large numbers of people are at risk of developing at some time during their life. They can be extremely painful, even life-threatening. Beginning as a reddening of the skin they can rapidly develop into deep ulcers that become more and more difficult to treat once they have taken hold.

Prevention rather than treatment

The Synidor approach is taking is to help prevent the onset of the condition by alerting the patient, nursing staff or carers that a posture has been held for a period that puts at risk the viability of the skin, enabling remedial action to be taken.

There are two aspects to pressure sores; firstly they are painful, debilitating and can be life threatening. Secondly they are expensive to treat and can cause bed blocking in hospitals.

During the development and test phases I have liaised closely with the Wound Healing and Research Unit (WHRU) and, in particular, Dr Mike Clark of that unit. The WHRU is recognised internationally as a centre of excellence in its specialist area and I am very grateful to them for their advice, support and encouragement.

The Synidor ethos is an holistic approach to all aspects of the business. In our designs we consult with clinical specialists, users and end-users.

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Costing just 70p a day for each hospital bed, Frank Edwards’ mattress design has the potential to prevent a potentially lethal complication of inpatient treatment.